Psychosocial treatment is a multidisciplinary team approach. This means that you will be a part of your family member’s treatment, as the cooperation of the family and the patient is very important. The care will need to be continuous, and the environment will need to meet the needs of the individual with the behavioral or psychological problems. The family will need to provide timely access to care, to reduce psychosocial stress, and to increase support. The residence will need to meet the functional level of the patient, and the environment should be as nonrestrictive as possible.

Families can change the environment of the patient, which can help. For example, changing activities to make them easier or changing the physical environment can reduce some behavior issues. The family needs to discuss ways to manage the behavioral or psychological condition. Social and communication skills training is normally part of this process. Reinforcement procedures can help interrupt problem behaviors and reinforce positive behaviors.

How Can I Deal with Behavioral Issues?

Some problems can be helped with simple home strategies. For those with trouble sleeping, a regular bedtime routine can help. Restricting caffeine, promoting exercise, and avoiding hunger at bedtime may make it easier to sleep. For those with weight gain issues, making sure to watch signs of weight gain carefully when taking new medications is important. Structured meals, eating the right foods, and providing and encouraging fun exercises are important as well.

Will Medication Be Prescribed?

Medication is most likely to be prescribed when the presence of an identifiable diagnosis is possible. If that is not possible, treatment should focus on the specific behavioral problems, which may or may not be controlled with the use of medication. Individuals with intellectual disability who take medications will need to be monitored to prevent drug interactions, as they may end up on more medications than the general population. Some strategies for medication delivery include