Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine encompasses the care of all adults, healthy and sick. Doctors in general internal medicine are trained to manage patients presenting with a wide range of acute and long-term medical conditions and symptoms.

Our doctors in general internal medicine have particular expertise in diagnostic reasoning, managing uncertainty, dealing with co-morbidities (complex medical problems involving multiple symptoms and conditions) and recognizing when speciality opinion or care is required.

Diagnosing and treating the wide spectrum of medical disorders that present acutely to hospital emergency departments and acute medical units, referring for specialist opinion and care as appropriate.

Providing advice and care for patients admitted to hospital under other specialities (e.g. surgery, obstetrics & gynaecology) who have or develop medical problems.

Diagnosing and treating the wide spectrum of medical conditions that are referred to medical outpatient clinics.

Managing inpatients and outpatients with co-morbidities, including elderly patients with frailty and dementia.